Certified „Made in Germany“ – Quality

As a supplier of the European automotive industry we are permanently facing the highest quality requirements. After having successfully applied the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years, we decided, in 2008, to further improve our processes by implementing the quality standards according to ISO/TS 16949. This also covers the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Certificate ISO/TS 16949

Certified Sustainability

Since October 2017 we comply with the requirements of the environmental standards according to ISO 14001:2015. Our processes are now continously evaluated and , if necessary, improved in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

Certificate ISO 14001:2015

In addition to the automotive standards we have to comply with, we are authorized to remark material and finished parts for pressure equipment according to directive 2014/68/EU und AD 2000. This is a requirement for the parts we are producing for the aerospace industry.

The challenging goals, that we are always setting ourselves, build the foundation of our quality. An integrated CSR policy manifests these values and our environmental and social responsibilty towards all stakeholders.

CSR Policy