Products „Made in Solingen“

Our products are forged on four upsetters and one spindle press. We are using steel out of European steel mills only and cover all production processes in our own premises – including heat & surface treatment.


Truck Wheel Nut Wrenches / Wheel Spanners

Our wheel nut wrenches are available in different version and in all standard metrical and American/British sizes. Among others, we supply Daimler and DAF Trucks at their assembly lines. Wherever reliability is essential, like in the markets in Africa or the Middle East, our quality wrenches are demanded.

Data sheet truck wrench double
Data sheet truck wrench single
Data sheet tommy bar



4-Way Lug Wrenches / Cross Wrenches

We are producing our 4-Way Lug Wrenches for cars and trucks especially for well-known German tool manufacturers, who cannot compromise in terms of quality. We offer these wrenches either welded, or with a forged center piece, for heavy duty use.

Data sheet 4way lug wrench



Tyre Levers / Tyre Mount & Demount Irons

The product range for wheel- and tyre-mounting tools is completed by Tyre Levers in all popular designs.

Data sheet tyre levers



Axle Nut Wrenches & Sockets

We are providing wrenches for nuts of all common axle types and for all truck manufacturers. Among other applications, our sockets are used on railway construction machines. The wrenches and sockets are either forged, milled or welded.

Data sheet sockets axle nut



Tool Kits

In addition to the tool kits we deliver to the OEMs, we are assembling tools for construction and agricultural vehicles, the military und other special purpose vehicles



Upset-Forging Parts

Among the „classic“ tool-products we are offering, our product range has been expanding to other upset-forged products. Forged valve discs, take-up spools for carbon fibers, guide flanges and drive shafts or upsetted pipe-ends are becoming a major part of our forging program.

Find out about the advantages and opportunities of this forging technique under “The Technology”!